Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What to do??

I was raised that it's okay to go to the doctor, but you don't go unless you REALLY  REALLY need to go.  I assume that concept was partially financial, but partially how my parents were raised. 
But either way, I fight that thought process all the time.

Yesterday my back/hip was hurting so badly and my over-the-counter medication was not helping with the pain, so I decided I'd call for an appointment.  There were no openings until Sept 8th.  So I set my mind on the idea I would go to urgent care. 

But about an hour after that I decided to email my primary doctor and ask her opinion.  I went to see her last week when I needed narcotics for the pain from this issue, so she has an idea of what's happening with me.  Her opinion was for me to go to physical therapy. 


I go to physical therapy at least once a year to deal with something.  Last year I went twice...once for my hip and once for my knee.  And when I say "once" I mean a stream of visits.  I went for 15 visits for my hip last year, and 8 visits for my knee.  That's a lot of visits, don't you think??

And now I have to do it again for the other hip.

I'm frustrated that my body is in this place where I constantly have to make adjustments in how I move/sit/stand/walk.
I'm frustrated that there is so much PAIN involved before I realize I'm doing something "incorrectly".
I'm frustrated that it takes so long to feel improvement.

But, I don't really have any other choices.  I have to go, I cannot live with this constant hip pain. 

I figure I have two options at this point.
1.  Be crabby and make everyone around me suffer just because I'm mad and they're near me.
2.  Give it to God as this is out of my control and it just is what it is.

Today, I choose #2.

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