Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foods at the Fair

I live 2 blocks from my state fair.  Two blocks. 
I am two blocks away from FOOD FEST!!

When people are asked what they're going to do at the fair, most of the time they start listing foods they're going to eat....yes, I do that too.  Deep fried, salty, chocolaty, gooey, cold, hot, spicy, sweet, stuff on a stick.

What you don't hear about, is the foods at the fair that are healthier?!

I researched and discovered the following "healthier" foods at my local state fair.
  • Pork chops on a stick.  Just a skewer of grilled pork with some dry seasoning. 
  • Nuts.  Simple plain nuts.  Almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Jerky!  Bison, Ostrich, and EMU jerky! 
  • Grilled shrimp on a stick...need I say more about that??  I think not.
  • Fresh fruit.  Our fair has a booth that sells whole fresh fruit.  peaches, nectarines, and plums.  And ours also has a building that devotes an entire wing to apples!!
  • Fresh Veggies.  Although the owners of this stand had to fight with fair officials, they won and now sell bowls of fresh veggies and ranch dip.  Peppers, cauliflower, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. 
  • And finally, for the sweet tooth...whole fresh strawberries with real whipping cream. 
I'm not saying I won't "splurge" a little and try some fun foods (crab fritters and a breakfast lollipop), but if I replace just two of my deep fried, sugar coated goodies with two of these healthier options, well then...that two (or five) more pounds I may not have to burn off later?!

I hope you enjoy your state fair!

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