Monday, August 22, 2011

Stupid back

I apologize for not posting for a few days.  We went out of town for a party and camping, and while away my back spasmed. 
Not a little spasm...but the worst spasm I've ever had.
To say I was in pain is just not using strong enough words.

I've been on muscle relaxers and ibuprofen for 24hrs now, and have a call into the doctor for something a bit stronger.  I cannot get in/out of bed on my own and I walk very very stiffly.  There is absolutely NO bending of my body.

There is one bright side I always try to find a bright side...
I can't get up to scrounge around in the kitchen.
My girlfriend (who has been my ANGEL so far) is making my breakfast, then I'll make a shake for lunch.  Since we're back from vacation, there is hardly any food in the house, so no munching for me.  I'll have a plan for supper before she gets home.

Going to sign off now, the pill is taking effect and I cannot keep my eyes open.  I hope you all are healthy and well!

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