Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting back on track

As I stated in my other posts, I've been down with a really bad back.  It's much improved (albeit not healed) but I'm having a really hard time getting back on track with regular mealtimes and one shake a day.
I'm in pain, and depressed, and that makes me want to eat.  So instead of evening shakes, I've been having meals.  I stick to my abstinence, but am choosing more carby foods at times.  We don't have much protein in the house because I was suppose to have shakes, so I end up having rice or noodles for a meal, cause that's what we have and it's easy.

But I'm documenting here and now that I am going to get back on track...starting TODAY!
I had a shake for breakfast.  Lunch is low carb goulash and a cuke.  Supper is out with a friend.  I think we'll go to a vietnamese restaurant.  I will have one egg roll, but then a meat and veggie dish (not deepfried) and leave the rice. 

Thank you for helping me stay accountable.

Oh, I have completely forgotten to weigh while my back was out.  I will get back on track with my eating, and back on track with my weighing.

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