Monday, August 15, 2011

Food effects

I was walking through the grocery store yesterday and pie was on sale. 

I knew my partner would help me eat a raspberry pie so I bought it and I had two slices throughout the day.
The rest is sitting on my counter, and it is NOT calling my name.  As I previously stated, sweets are not my addiction food of choice. 

But the physical and mental effects of eating the pie yesterday are haunting me. 

I'm fighting crabbiness.  I'm quick to anger.  I'm quiet and don't want to interact with others.  I'm having intestinal issues.  And I just feel yucky all over, almost like I'm sick.

No, I don't have food poisoning.  Although I wish it were that simple.

These things happen every time I have sweets.  A normal person would deem these foods "off limits", but being the food addict that I am, I try them once in awhile.  Since these foods do not call to me, I have not added them to my "do not eat" list.  I am able to only eat them rarely because I do not like the effects of the foods.

I just wish I would REMEMBER the effect before I decide to try them again....

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