Monday, January 16, 2012


I am sitting at work today, and get a call that a very good friend of mine suddenly passed away last night.
Talk about a shock!

And what is the first thing my addict mind does once the tears dry a little?  Think about what type and amount of food will soothe my aching heart.
Talk about a second shock!

I have a plan meals have been precooked and are just waiting for me to warm and eat.  And it's food I LIKE and look forward to eating!
And eating random fast and easy and greasy food will not make me feel better or bring her back.

Stick to the plan Amy, that's why you make a plan.


  1. Gosh...I'm sorry to hear that your friend passed away :( I'm glad that you've become aware of your unhelpful coping habits. I, too, am learning to eat to fuel rather than eat to heal.

    1. It's hard to believe that I'm just now coming out of the depression that hit when she died! It was a situational depression, not something I have normally, but boy did it hit hard!!

      How is it going for you? The eating to fuel rather than to heal?