Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

I crawled into bed at 11:50pm last night.  That's right, I'm a party animal.

I did actually go out last night.  We went to a concert at a casino.  We spent 45minutes gambling (I'm not much of a gambler) then to the steakhouse for supper, then to the concert.  We talked about going out dancing afterward, but we were hit with a wet sloppy snow and ice storm, so we all just went home.
It was a great night overall.

I followed my food plan yesterday with a few less items.  I didn't have any wine, and didn't have as many cream cheese clouds as I thought I would.  And I was rewarded this morning with another pound missing from my body!

Today I sat down and planned my food, and so far I have followed it.  We are heading out now for a few drinks, then to the movies.  I will NOT have popcorn.  I'm not worried about wanting popcorn, but sometimes when the smell hits me, I do desire it.  I can have popcorn, but I haven't planned for it today, so I won't have any for today.

12/31/11 - weight: 228.5
                 Protein:   124
                       Fat:    139
                      Ecc:       33
                      Cal:   1976

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