Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free is sometimes more costly than paying...

We got very tired and lazy last night, so we ordered Chinese food.  My partner calls it "heaping, steaming, cheap Chinese chow". 
So I was ordering her regular items, but knew I would be ordering low carb for me so I ordered beef and broccoli.  But before I realized it, I ordered my cream cheese wontons!  I didn't even realize it until I hung up the phone.  But did I call and cancel the item?  No.
And...the worst thing of all?  We'd met some limit and so they included free egg rolls.   Darn it!

So, I ate wontons and egg rolls for supper, and to end my meal I had about 1/3 of my beef and broccoli.  I am almost incapable of letting go FREE food.

I had planned a burger and salad because we were going out to a bar. 
We were so tired from our vacation, and we haven't been to a grocery store for about two weeks because of our trip.  And we were too tired to go to the bar or any restaurant.
Free....not so freeing.

But I'm going to remedy the "no food in the house issue"!  I'm going to the store first thing tomorrow morning!

Weight:  229
Pro:  97
Ecc:  70
Fat:  105
Cal:  1657

My counts are very off, and most had to be estimated.
I don't normally eat Clif bars, but I was in a hurry and no access to anything without bread, so my carbs are very high, and my protein/cals are low.
Meals were as such:
Breakfast, 2/3 an order of beef and broccoli, no rice
snack:  clif bar
Late lunch:  tuna melt (tuna salad on fried cheese)
Supper:  tuna salad, wine

I don't normally eat tuna twice, I don't normally eat clif bars, I don't normally need a snack because my meal will be so it's an abnormal day.  I'll be back on schedule tomorrow.  Planning, preparing, things I need will be on hand.  I hate this "figure itout on the go" crap.

Hope your day went smoother!

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