Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday - the day of prep

Today is Sunday.
This is the day I plan my food for the week, make my grocery list, shop, then cook.
This week I'll have my usual breakfast at 7:30am which is two Johnsonville turkey sausages with spicy mustard rolled up in a flatout wrap and broiled to toasty, and 2 hard boiled eggs.
I'll have a snack around 10:30, which will be an orange.
For lunch around 12:30 I'm having Atkins Chili Blanco with sour cream and cheese, and three celery stalks on the side. 
Iced espresso with 1/2 -1/2 around 2pm.
For supper, around 5:30, I'll have a shake which is 3oz strawberries, 3oz ricotta cheese, whey protein worth 30g of protein, and crystal light for flavor and ice for thickening.

Total counts are:
Pro:  128
Ecc:  45
Fat:  96
Cal:  1600

Gotta go shopping and cook now.
Hope you all have a good day!

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