Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feed a cold, right?

I am an addict.  And when I am sick, I want to eat.
Eat to coat a sore throat.
Eat to clear a stuffed nose.
Eat to calm a crazy stomach.
Eat to block a cough.

All silly crazy ADDICT thinking...I know.

I have a cold.  Well, I have half a cold (it's only in one sinus).
So I want to do things like drink orange juice, and sip soup, and eat crackers (with butter).

But none of those items are part of my food plan, therefore they are not going to be eaten (or drank) by me.  Not today.  And today is the only day I have to think about.

I will follow my plan, and drink lots of no calorie fluids.  Change my addict behave from FEED a cold to FLOOD a cold!

Weight: 228.5
Pro: 133
Ecc: 45
Fat: 157
Cal: 2260

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