Monday, September 12, 2011

You Hose-r!!

I have inherited bad veins in my legs (thanks Mom!!), so I have worn pantyhose every day of my life for the last 10 years.
I just wear regular support hose, not prescription, although my mother wears prescription hose, so who knows what's in my future...

I have grown to appreciate wearing hose.  Here are some of my reasons:
  1. I don't have to shave my legs as often, the hose buffer the hair.
  2. I have lost a lot of weight and my skin is loose and saggy in places.  The hose hold my thighs and butt firm so I don't "jiggle".  This is also very helpful when I wear a dress as the tops of my thighs touch/rub and it's nice to have a slippery buffer so I don't get sore.
  3. The support I get from the hose really do help me stay energized through the entire day.
  4. They make my legs look tan without having to do any of the sunning work!
  5. My varicose veins and spider veins have actually "reversed course" from the bulgy ugly beasts they use to be.
Now to be fair, I do have reasons I do NOT like wearing them.  Here are a few:
  1. I cannot wear flip flops.  Well, I can...but it looks terrible and it's not worth it.
  2. People look at me funny sometimes, especially when I'm wearing shorts and they notice the hose.
  3. It's difficult to go on a beach vacation when I have to go back to the room to put on the hose just so I can walk down the beach.  I have walked it without the hose, but my legs ache when I'm done.
  4. It's hard to get a pedicure without a lot of preplanning.
I know wearing hose is taboo these days, but it's what I have to do, and after ten LONG years, I'm mostly okay with it.  But, there are still a few occasion when it embarrasses me.
I went dancing the other night and I was wearing Capri's.  People started talking about leg hair and started feeling everyone's legs. I just put mine under the table and turned away from the conversation.  I don't like to draw attention to my legs AT ALL!
Another time is when it's really really hot.  I HATE when people tell me how miserable I must be in hose.  I'm not.  I'm actually quite use to them and don't notice temperature differences with or without them.
And finally.  Meeting new people.  If you hand around me long enough, you'll notice I'm wearing hose.  I went to a party hosted by my partners best friends and it was one of the first times I was meeting them.  It was really really hot and the party was outside, so I was wearing shorts.
The next day I overheard the friends asked my partner "whats with the pantyhose" and they laughed and laughed.  My partner handled it with a lot of grace and kindness, and the friends understood (after remarking how awful it would be to where them in the heat *see above*) and they haven't said another word.  But this exchange is quite common, and it gets old.

So yes...yes, I am wearing hose.
Feel free to call me a hose-r.

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