Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life with pets

My partner and I are dog sitting.  It's a 10 day stint watching my brothers 2 labs (3yrs and 1yr).

I.  Am.  Exhausted.

I realize that pet owners probably have a routine in place, and there is a comfort level within the dogs that, when pet sitting, are missing.  But holy cow.

They are extremely active dogs.  They can entertain themselves, but what that means is that the younger one attacks the older one and they bounce around the living room or backyard growling and barking at each other.  And sometimes one of them likes to be leaning on me while they're fighting.  So I am "involved" in their play and I can't really relax.

Then there's the adjustment to my daily schedule.
I use to hit the snooze until 6:15, but now I'm up at 5:45 so I can get them fed and throw the ball a couple times so they will be a bit calmer (more tired) on their walk.  Around 6:15 my partner gets up and takes them for a walk, one at a time since one walks good on a leash and the other needs MUCH more training.  So I have to have an ear out for the home bound dog to make sure they are not attacking our cats or tearing up the garbage. 

Then I have to go right home after work.  No more running errands or stopping at a store "just because" or meeting up for happy hour.  Straight home.  Let them out.  Throw the ball....A LOT.  Then prepare supper and have it ready so when my partner gets home, we can eat, then walk the dogs (each of us takes one and we go our separate ways).   By the time we're done, it's 8:30pm and we haven't done any dishes or vacuuming.  Heck, we haven't even opened the front door and gotten the mail!   We go upstairs at 9pm and then the cats need our attention.  They are lap cats and need/want a lot of attention throughout the day, but since the dogs are downstairs, they request attention at night.  In fact, they demand it all.  night.   long.


Why am I telling you all of this?  My food choices and eating have been terrible.  One night I was so tired I made popcorn for supper.  POPCORN.  For someone who struggles when eating too many carbs, that was not a choice I would prefer.  But I didn't have the energy to make anything else. 
Yesterday I went to the store (finally) and got a bucket of chicken and some shredded chicken.  I didn't have any protein in the house, and although these are not the best choices, they are pre-cooked protein.  I buy deli turkey all the time, but as soon as I get it in the house, my partner snatches it up.  I truly think she eats 2lbs of deli turkey every five days!  I'm not a tuna fan, and canned chicken only goes so far. 

I know, I'm whining...But I'm tired, and that's what I do. 

What do you do when you have no time?  When work is super busy or the kids have a million games and activities all over the country all within a two day weekend?   What is your process or plan??

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