Monday, September 26, 2011

Make a plan, yes, but actually follow it...?

I am the queen of planning.  I can plan a month of activities in 15 minutes.  I can plan a vacation in 5. 
All I need is a pen and paper and the internet.
And yes, I do like to write out my plans with an actual pen and paper.

I have planned my meals for this work week.
Breakfast:  3hard boiled eggs, 3 turkey sausages, 1 apple
Lunch:  Lasagna (made with low carb noodles and sauce), and lettuce
Supper:  meatloaf and steamed green veggies.

On Sunday I went to the store, I purchased, and I cooked everything I needed.

However, one.  I didn't follow my plan.

I ALMOST made it, but instead of green veggies, I had pretzels with my meatloaf.
Not the end of the world as I didn't have that many, but certainly not as "healthy" as green veggies.

I always strive to follow my plans. 
And I am ready to try again tomorrow.

The food is cooked, measured, and packaged for breakfast and lunch.  Supper is ready to be cooked. 
I can do this!  I can!  I.  Can.

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