Monday, September 5, 2011

Is free time really free?

Today is a holiday.  I have the day off.  FREE TIME!!!!!

However, a free day can turn into a feeding frenzy.  I remember the days I would PLAN for my day off or holiday by scheduling when and what I would be eating.  My pre-breakfast pastry with coffee, then breakfast.  Of course there's the lunch that required cooking (so I could nibble while preparing).  The afternoon snack which was something like a family sized bag of chips so I could eat all afternoon.  Then supper would be delivery...a LOT of delivery.  Enough you'd get four fortune cookies because the delivery place thought it was enough for four people!
And no leftovers.

Yes, that was my old life.

Today, I started my day with coffee (no pastry).  I cooked breakfast which followed my food plan.  It's almost lunch time and I have a lunch planned...and it follows my food plan as well.  I've been cleaning and freezing garden items and reading the newspaper and doing all kinds of things that, during a feeding frenzy, I don't have the energy or desire to do, because I'm drowning in my food coma.

We make choices each and every day.  And we only have to make the one day at a time.
What choice are you making today?

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