Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feeling full

I feel full lately. 
I feel like my skin is being stretched beyond it's normal limits and that there is a balloon inside me constantly filling with air and making me bigger and bigger. 
My weight is the same.
My clothes fit the same.
But I swear I am filling up.  Bursting at the seams.  Bloating.

I do not have a uterus, so I am not aware of my time of the month.  But I know my body still cycles.  Is it possible I'm cycling?  If I don't have a uterus, do you still bloat? 

When I'm having these FULL feelings, I want to live off of brothy soups and pure liquids.  However, since I'm not sick, my body wants, nay, my body needs sustenance.  I have to eat so that I don't get too hungry.  Cause boy-howdy if I get too hungry I won't STOP eating!  EEK

But it's a struggle, because internally it feels natural to cut back, but the food addict in me wants to completely restrict.  It's not only a physical's a MENTAL struggle, which is even more exhausting than running a marathon (I've never run a marathon, I can only imagine how terribly exhausting it would be).

So, I'm reporting that for today, I will eat normal meals but think "lightly" when choosing the foods (green veggies over heavy starches, etc).  And maybe this weekend I'll make a chicken veggie soup that is stuffed full of chicken and veggies so it can be a complete meal for me.

Do you struggle with feeling "full" then resisting restrictive eating??

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