Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My muffin top runneth over

When I was at my largest, I had various rolls along my body.  I don't recall thinking of them or noticing them because it was the only way I remember looking.  I had a waist with a roll above and a roll below.

But when I lost the weight, and then had my excess skin removed...I had NO rolls.  No muffin top.  Nothing but a smooth midsection and compliments on how my stomach was so "flat".

However..times they are a changin...and I have a muffin top. 


Because of the skin reduction and bits of lyposuction I had, I gain weight differently than I did before, and it appears to appear from my breasts to my prime muffin space.

So what do I do?  I walk around sucking in my gutt...thinking it reduces the muffin. 
Then pretty soon I'm breathing heavy and can't seem to catch my breath.

Can you believe I'm denying myself air through deep breaths because people might see I've gained weight???

Holy crap am I sick...


  1. Sorry if you get this comment twice!

    I've been suckin' in my belly for every waking hour of my life since age 15. And do you know what I got for it? Really strong abs!!
    I'm not saying it's great that you're doing it, however, the contractions are actually making your core stronger... so don't feel too bad :-)

  2. VERY valid point Chai!
    When I had my skin reduction surgery, part of it was a "tummy tuck", and during a tummy tuck they tighten the abs. But he said mine were in great shape and he didn't tighten them!
    And when I first joined a pilates class, I couldn't figure out why people struggled sitting up from a prone position...I can't ever remember struggling with that. It never dawned on me that I grew up with my abs "constantly engaged".
    Thanks for pointing that out!