Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's always good, when it's working.

So the weight is coming off.  And, of course, I'm feeling better. 
I feel like I LOOK better.
Isn't it amazing how a number on the scale can make or break our day?  Even if it's only different by one number??

But today the scale has a lower number, and it puts me in a good mood.
I'm wearing a shirt I claimed was "too tight" five days ago.  It probably looks the same, but because I FEEL different, mentally I think it looks different.

Then again, maybe it really DOES look better????

7/27/11 - 221.5

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it amazing, what a mental game it is?
    I feel the same way, I lose a pound and I start strutting around like it's 40lbs. lol But if I gain a pound, suddenly I'm disgusting and planning new diets.