Thursday, July 28, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, I am not perfect.

In my OA (overeaters anonymous) program, I've been abstinent for a long time.  Over a decade.
What that means is that I've identified the foods that make me super crazy, and stopped eating them.
But that certainly doesn't mean I have all the answers.

I know, you're shocked, right?  (please roll your eyes here)

*I* don't think I'm perfect, nor do I think I have all the answers.

I am not at the perfect weight.  I'm at a much better weight, but what the hell does "perfect weight" really mean?  And who the heck determines it?

I don't desire or crave the foods that make me crazy anymore, but I still have some struggles with portions and last minute meal decisions.  Why is it that even some "healthy" foods know my name?  Who told cherries about me?  They've been calling my name every night!!

I like to exercise, but am a master of finding excuses not to do it.  My excuse last night?  I was too sore from my workout on MONDAY, therefore I needed another day of rest.  (yesterday was WEDNESDAY)

See...FAR FAR FAR from perfect, and this list only shows you a tiny sampling of my imperfections.

We say "there are no stars in OA", but if you have abstinence, some people seem to want to put you on a pedestal.

I'm still a food addict.  I will always be a food addict. 
Please do not put me on a pedestal, I'll only fall off.

7/28/11 - 221.5

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