Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm falling apart

I'm falling apart.

Not mentally...thank goodness my mind is intact...well, as intact has it has ever been. 
I mean physically.  The list of pains in my body seem to grow DAILY!

I've had four car accidents within a one year time span (none of them my fault) so I have neck pain, upper back pain, low back pain, and I visit the chiropractor often.  It seems my pelvis is tilted.  Because of this I have trochanteric bursitis, psoas muscle tightness, and piriformis syndrome which causes my SI joint to seize and put my back out.  My feet have gone completely flat (probably because of being extremely obese and not wearing proper shoes) so I have IT band tightness, along with arthritis and bursitis in my knees and I'm destroying my patellas. 

What's that?  You don't know what half these things are?  I didn't either.  But you learn fast when you're in pain.

So....I went to the doctor yesterday.  I think that I have some weird infection in my foot as it's red and slightly swollen and it hurts to wear shoes.  Wait, it doesn't hurt, it feels like my foot is extremely sunburned and therefore my shoe rubs on it and it's very irritating.
My doctor is stumped.  It's not an infection, it's not cellulitis.  She wonders if it's tendonitis and is sending me to sports medicine.
Great...yet another thing wrong with my body.  sigh....

However, I will not stop living my life!  I just won't do it! 

I am going dancing on Saturday night.  We're going to a state park on Sunday to enjoy the leaves and have a picnic.  I am going to the gym each night to do my physical therapy.  I will walk the neighbors dog.  I will crawl around on the floor with my nieces and nephews.  I will clean the house, I will rake the yard, I will do whatever I need to do and will NOT let this issues stop me from living life. 
Because I believe that once I stop moving, I'll never be able to start again.

What about you?  Will you keep moving?

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