Monday, October 3, 2011

For the love of popcorn...

I traveled last weekend to another state to visit my family.
(On a side note, the leaves are changing colors and it was an absolutely gorgeous drive!)

I left right after work on Friday and got home at 6pm on Sunday.  That means that means 7 meals were either on the road or a touch out of my control.  My family is pretty good at meeting all our various food needs, but when there are so many at some point you give in and just make a meal. 

So on Friday night I stopped at fast food at 5pm.  By the time I got to my hotel at 9:30 I was hungry again so I stopped at a grocery store and got cheese/fruit cup (yummy!!).
Saturday we had omelets, then grilled meats and chips (I don't eat chips so I had grilled meats and veggies and an apple), then we had chili. 
Now chili is a strange item for me.  I don't crave it, but when I do eat it, I want it to be thick with cheese and crackers.  So much so that it should be more of a casserole than a soup.  Therefore, I don't have it very often. 

Sunday we had eggs and fruit (there were bagels and donuts but those were not for me), and I had a lunch of fast food on the road home. 

By Sunday night, I was so out of my element of food that I couldn't process what to have for a meal.  I also wasn't exactly sure I was hungry?

When this happens, my solution is popcorn.  Just popcorn.  Probably too much popcorn?  I try to avoid carbs, so of course popcorn is not a food I eat very often.  It's made when we have backyard fires, or when sports are on TV.  Or, for me, it sometimes serves as my supper.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I don't believe I am addicted to popcorn. I don't usually buy it when I go to movies.  I can skip it when others are making/having it.  I HATE microwave popcorn. 
But I'm not sure how I feel about substituting popcorn for a meal?

Are there certain foods you tend to eat when you can't figure out a meal?

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