Friday, January 30, 2015

Bit of a set back

I was doing so well, then the scale betrayed me!!
It jumped up THREE pounds!!

And then it had the gall to STAY up three pounds!  How rude!

But it did get me thinking about my food, my life, my eating and here is what I decided.

1.  I cannot eat a "low carb" tortilla or pita or flat-out for multiple days in a row.  My body just doesn't work well with them.  I can have them, just not once a day every day for over a week.
2.  Traveling causes my weight to fluctuate.   My father-in-law passed away so we were away from home for four days.  I had enough control over my food, but just traveling in a car, being sedentary, all the stuff that usually accompanies me when traveling usually causes the scale to go up.
3.  I must eat more vegetables.  I get lazy, especially in winter when very few veggies are "fresh".  I am not a fan of salads unless they are smothered in meat and cheese and BACON!  So eating a salad everyday isn't a good vegetable for me.  I need to ramp it up and get back to eating some greens, steamed broccoli and green beans, and stir-fry's full of zucchini and Bok Choy.  Anything to up my veggie intake.
4.  I need to get back to exercising regularly. I don't have to work out for 4 hours a night, but a 30-45 minute walk with the dog, or an hour at the gym moving around on the machines, or taking an aerobics class at the gym will keep my metabolism humming.  Move it or lose it right?

The scale has finally dropped back down 2 pounds, but I'm not yet back at the weight I was two weeks ago and that is weighing on me (pun intended).  

However I'm NOT going to freak out. 
I'm NOT going to start exercising like a fiend and killing my body beyond what it can take.
I'm NOT going to starve myself.  

I'm just going to keep on keeping on and remind myself that, yes I need to pay attention to my food and weight and do the work I know I need to do to lose weight, but that ultimately God decides when I will lose weight.

For today, I will do the work that I need to do to be healthy and give the rest to God.

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