Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Still here, still chugging along

Hey everyone, just wanted to check in and say I'm still working my program and following my food plan!

I just got back from my partners mothers house (MIL).  Her boyfriend of 18 years passed away so we went for a long weekend to attend the funeral.

MIL is admittedly addicted to sugar.  Everything she makes has brown or white sugar in it.  EVERYTHING.  I even found out she adds sugar to her deviled eggs!
So I brought some of my own food, cooked some myself, and some meals we ate out.  There was only one meal I ate that she cooked and I didn't like it so I only ate a little (flavored chicken brats cooked in beer, brown sugar, and onions-blech) then instead ate some leftover hamburger I had cooked.

My point is that I cannot, nay WILL not, be afraid to speak up for what I need. I cannot be afraid to find my own food if something is not right.  And I cannot take on others peoples feelings if they seem offended.  MIL knows all about my eating/food plan, so if she chooses to be offended, that is on her.  I, of course, am nice about it and to her, but following my food plan give me sanity and I am better equipped to handle her and the entire visit if I stick to it.
Hope you're able to stick to your plan today!!

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