Thursday, January 15, 2015


Wow, it's so hard to believe I haven't posted since April of 2013?! 
Guess I wanted to eat more than I wanted to blog INSTEAD OF EATING.

However I had a epiphany in November.  Something finally clicked for me.
After 16 years of fighting it, I finally have a food sponsor. 

Wow, sounds great right??  But what the heck does that mean?

It means I am accountable to another person for everything I eat. 
Every evening (or the next morning, depending on my schedule) I go to and report what I plan to eat that day, along with making any corrections to the previous day's food.
Then I can create a .pdf of the two days and I send it to my food sponsor.

It has been amazing.  I have lost 13lbs since 11/20.  That's right.  I lost weight over the holidays.
Unbelievable, but true!

I commit to blogging more each week and to telling you more about my life, all the ups and all the downs.

Is anyone still out there??

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