Monday, March 9, 2015

Survived the Illness!!


I had influenza that had me on the couch for five days with a fever and body aches, then a massive cold set in so over the next 8 days I lost my voice, couldn't breathe, couldn't stop coughing, and couldn't get enough sleep!

But through it all I planned and recorded my food and stuck to my plan.  No lame excuses allowing foods that are not acceptable, no voice in my head justifying going off plan, NOTHING! 

As much as the illness sucked, it was one of the best illnesses I've ever had! 

Also, I have now lost 30 pounds.  THIRTY POUNDS!!  Back when I first lost my 120lbs of weight there was a 10lb range that I hung out at, and I am currently at the high of that 10lb range.  I cannot remember the last time I have been here.  Such a relief.  And to have gotten here without much more work other than planning my meals within certain guidelines, and committing that food to another person, and sticking to my plan.  It has been that simple. 

I'm so grateful that I have done my step work so I don't have all the mental games going on while sticking to this plan.  I'm grateful for my experience with the 12 steps of Overeaters Anonymous.  I'm grateful I have cleaned up my side of the street and don't have historical crap clouding my judgment.  I'm grateful for my food sponsor that hears my food each day.  And I'm grateful for other compulsive overeaters so that we never have to do this alone.

I hope that anyone reading this blog has found a plan that works for them, whatever the plan since I believe there is not one plan for everyone.  And I hope that you have as much serenity while following your plan as I have with mine.

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