Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Steps to handling unplanned events

I had a BIG weekend in mid March!

The Friday was my 11th anniversary.
The Saturday was a St Patrick's Day party, then Saturday night was my company's annual party.
So, how to plan for these type of events??

Friday was easy.  My lovely partner suggested we go to sushi.  I said maybe, then went to myfitnesspal and put in some potential foods I would eat.  Yes, I could do it by eating sashimi, but it wasn't what I would have wanted to eat while there (I love the rolls) so why, when I don't have to, would I put myself in a situation where I had to claw at the seat so I didn't grab at the food?
Instead I mentioned the idea of going to a movie as our activity.  We love movies but she rarely has time to go.  So when I suggested that she jumped at the chance.  GREAT!

  • Step 1 - decide if the event/party/plans are what you want, something you can handle no problem, or worth the risk. 

Saturday St Patty's day party was easy, they posted all the food they were serving.  So I could just figure out what I was going to have an the amounts.  Planned and done.

  • Step 2 - plan out everything you can so you are aware of your planned numbers in case you are thrown any curve balls.

However, at the party I was thrown a curve ball.  She made some kind of chocolate dessert but since I don't eat chocolate she made me my own mini cheesecake in it's own little pie crust.  Not something I planned for and I had to make a gametime decision about since there was excitement about the offering to me.

  • Step 3 - If thrown curve balls make a decision by using your head and the counts you are confident about from step 2.  No matter what you decide, be strong with your convictions, no matter what the other person might think.  Stick to what you decided.

I took the mini cheesecake and thanked my host greatly.  Because I was so aware of my counts I knew I could give up a tablespoon of carbs so I had two mini bites totaling about a tablespoon, told her how fantastic it was, then took the rest home for later.  If I didn't have the availability of my carb counts I would have packaged it up and told her I was too full but would eat it later.  I cannot lose my abstinence because I'm trying to please someone else.  And if I had a problem with cheesecake (if I couldn't take just one bite and stop eating) then it would not have been an option and I would have gladly packaged it up but thrown it away as soon as I found a garbage can after leaving her house. Literally, not drive it home, but stop at a gas station or a park and dispose of it immediately. If I knew I couldn't do that I would explain to the host that I love that she though of me but I cannot take it because it's not on my plan of eating.  I refuse to put myself in front of temptation just to please another person.  I cannot, because then my addict wins.

So I moved from the St Patty's day party to my company's annual party.  All I knew about the menu in advance is that there would be plenty of meat.  I knew the appetizers would be charcuterie (trays of meats) and that we'd have four courses with wine pairings.  I heard the courses would probably be two fish, a pork, and a beef.  I also knew that the portions would be smaller in size than a normal serving. 
So with that I could come up with a basic plan. 

  • Step 4 - Create a plan, even if you're not exactly sure what will be available.  It's best to start with something rather than nothing.
I knew the four courses of meat would total a "meal" so I programmed that much food into myfitnesspal.  Then I calculated some slices of meat from the charcuterie trays.  I put in a few slices of hard salami.  Saw my protein numbers so I would know how many slices I could get without going extremely overboard in my protein.

However, when the courses arrived the meats were covered in bits of this and that. 

  • Step 5 - Account for everything that goes into your mouth.  Even a nibble can set off the mind when you don't have to account for it.
I asked the servers questions and gained as much knowledge as I could when eating so that I could update my food plan after the event.  I accounted for every topping I could decipher and the rest I left to my Higher Power. 

So, how do I feel about my weekend? 
It. Was. Fantastic.

I feel good about my food choices.  I feel good that I wasn't focused on the food between courses, I was focused on the people and the conversations.  I feel like my Higher Power was strong within me and helping me make the best choices possible.

And, as an added bonus, I didn't gain any weight from my party-filled weekend.


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