Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've been back on the low carb track for 17 days now, and I'm down 15 pounds, not bad right??!!

However, right about now I start feeling the pull and temptation of what I call my "yellow" foods.  Yellow means foods I need to avoid on a consistant basis but that can be allowed in rare circumstances.
However, when I'm not eating fully on track, the yellow foods are not "rare" but a daily occurrence (argh).

I went to book club last night.  It's in a bar and everyone around me is getting mini burgers on delicious-looking buns and a basket of big honkin fries.  Neither are for me.
I always get a large salad with house made sausage on top.  However, I had just come from the gym having had a great, but tiring workout, and I. Was. Hungry!
BUT, I'm happy to report I just got my regular food and was done.

After book club, we went to a neighbors house who puts on a wine party every Tuesday (Wine at Nine).  LOTS of tempting goodies there, and many I typically partake in during my visit.  Oh, and a new goodie tonight?  Mini crescent rolls with cream cheese/jalapenos/bacon chopped in.  Y.U.M.
But thanks to HP, I was able to avoid those as well, phew!!

And because I was able to avoid my tempting foods, I was better able to focus on people and conversations and surroundings and pets and and and.

Today, I am grateful that I can close the food thoughts and desires out of my mind to focus on what is most important.

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