Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pain to relieve pain??

I have a lot of physical issues.  However, at this stage, I do NOT let it stop me, so please don't think this is a post of me just whining...

This month I'm dealing with a pain in my foot I've had for four months.  It's in the arch and it's causing me to have leg cramps first thing in the morning.  Horrible.  So I went in and got some meds.  While I was there I told the Dr that my hip pain was coming back (I've had hip pain for 20yrs and get a cortisone shot to keep it at bay) but I wasn't ready for a shot yet, then joked I'd probably be back in a week for a shot.
Stupid me.

I called exactly one week later and needed the shot...badly.
A cortisone shot in the hip is a very painful thing.  VERY VERY painful.  There is usually screaming or sobbing or swearing, or all three during the shot - I just cannot help it.  BUT, as soon as the shot is done, there is usually relief.  So I'll gladly take a short amount of pain to relieve longer term pain.

My question to God (if I were to have the opportunity to ask) is was I made with some "errors" to give me character, or are all these hip/back/pelvic/food/etc etc etc pains from being 320lbs?  Or, is it just a lovely combination of both (yuck).

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