Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday desserts

Today is my birthday...I am 41.

I belong to email lists of some of my favorite restaurants because you can get some good deals.
However, what is with the "free dessert" on your birthday?  Why is it always dessert? 
Why can't we get a free app, or a free drink?  Why always some huge, carby, sweet, made-for-four dessert?

I have been offered FIVE so far (it's only 4pm), and have only accepted one.  The only reason I took that one is it was little donut things, and I ate 2 and gave away the other 6.  I turned down the big cookie brownie ice cream "that feeds four" treat, and the three other "any dessert on the menu" birthday treats offered via email.

But I absolutely remember the days when I would collect each and every one of those free desserts.  I would go to a restaurant, and because it was my birthday I would splurge and get an app, a cocktail, a full meal, then eat and entire dessert.  And I would do this every night for my birthday week!  Thinking about it now, I can remember how bloated and miserable I felt - but it was MY day (week), so I had to make it special ("special" always meant something with food).

I am grateful that I do not have to live that way anymore, I am grateful I do not have to eat myself into dessert oblivion JUST because it's my birthday.  I choose to celebrate the day without having to suffer a food hangover tomorrow.

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