Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drama-free bubbles!

My old self - prior to working my OA program - would be GIDDY right now. 

My work is FULL of drama right now. 
I am part of a three person team.  I am the lowest rung.  And the two other people on my team are fighting.  They are only communicating through email.  They walk by and ignore each other.  They just are acting very childish!

And both of them are trying to drag me into the fight "on their side".   They come into my office and talk about the other one.  They ask me to "pass on" information.  They tell me it's my "job requirement" to share info. 

But I have built a drama-free bubble around me.  I ask them not to discuss the issue with me.  I tell them I am uncomfortable with the conversation.  I tell them to go talk to the other person because I do NOT want to be involved.

THAT is me working my program.  That is my new self doing what needs to be done to keep myself serene, happy, and actually sleeping through the night.  I am exhausted at night as my drama-free bubble takes a lot of energy to hold up, but have no regrets as I am not gossiping, I am not "creating" drama, and I am not involved in their dispute.

Do you stay out of the drama, or do you come with a big spoon and stir it up?

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