Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have terribly neglected my blog.  For that I am truly sorry.

I had to get some things figured out, and then the holiday hit, and then I had a bunch of friends/family having surgeries or in the hospital...needless to say it's been a whirlwind!

But I'm back...again...*blush*

My abstinence is strong as usual, but my carb eating has not been monitored in much too long, so I started counting again on Tuesday.  Here are my catchup stats:
   12/27/11 - weight 234 (YIKES!)
                     Protein:  130
                     Fat:  150
                     Ecc: 30
                     Cal:  2049
   (ate pretty normal as to how I like to eat: meat, fruits, veggies - this was a pretty
     ideal day)

   12/28/11 - weight 232.5
                     Protein:  132
                     Fat:  133
                     Ecc: 41
                     Cal:  2168
   (attended my partners work party, had wine and gnocci, low on fruits and

   12/29/11 - weight 231
                     Protein:  116
                     Fat:  113
                     Ecc: 44
                     Cal:  1712
   (this is my plan for today so it may alter by end of day, plenty of fruits and 
    veggies planned, little light on protein, may add some if hungry)

What?  These mean nothing to you??  Let me share my food guidelines.

Protein:    I need a minimum of 98g, but feel best when I have about 130
Fat:         This number should be very similar to my protein number.  However,
               there are days I have <100g protein so I up my fat to at least 150g,
               and similarly if my protein is >160, I try to reduce my fat.  This can
               happen when I eat tuna (lower protein so I add mayo and avocado)
               or eat a big steak (lots of protein but lower in fat). 
Ecc:         I aim for this to be <45, but am fine if it goes up to 60 occasionally. 
               But no more than 60.
Calories:  I don't monitor these, I am always just curious as to what they are :)

There you have eating guidelines in a nutshell.  For my actual food plan, please see this post.

How about you?
Are you on track now, or are you waiting for the New Year to make a new resolution to lose weight?

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