Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What to do when things are working so well??

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately...but weirdly, things are working so well I'm struggling finding things to talk about??

I am down 38 pounds from my high in July 2014!  I have roughly 43 to go.  If I hit my current goal, it will be a total of 155lbs lost.

My clothes are getting too big to continue to belt.  My skirts are falling off.  I've had to get rid of half my jeans.  My new-last-year summer shirts have been given away because they are so sloppy.  But please understand, I am NOT complaining about it ONE BIT!  I am celebrating.

This weekend I'm going into my "skinny clothes bins" for hopefully the last time to see what else fits.  I am hoping my last two jeans fit so I have more than three pairs rotating through.  Also, I'm going to have to break down and go shopping.

Actually, I hate spending money, especially on clothes. I have yo-yo'd for so many years that I see buying clothes as a waste of money.  When you are a different size all the time (whether going up the scale or down) your clothes never wear out but you cannot wear them anymore.  Annoying for a frugalist like me!!

I have felt so very free with food lately.  What does that mean?  I plan it in advance and I don't have to think about it again. There is never that "I'm so hungry I cannot even think straight so I'll grab the first fast thing I can" issues. I don't let my food addict decide I am hungrier than I thought and inhale food until I feel miserable then suffer for hours.  I don't sit around grazing all night long on crap that goes right to my hips and thighs.
I eat healthy and I eat correct amounts, and I don't feel hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.  Wow. 

So, that's why I've been quiet.  But I will come up with some topics and get back to writing.

Thanks for reading!

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