Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm baaaaack!!

It took for-EVER but I'm finally feeling better!  I had the worst cold I've ever had, and the cough is still with me.

I have very very mild asthma, but it has really been affected with this cold and I have used my inhaler every 4 hours every day for the last three weeks!  I've never used that much inhaler since I got asthma 8 yrs ago!!
Anyway...I'm better now.

And we are currently on vacation.
We're in a resort town in northern Minnesota.  It's beautiful as the lakes are sheets of glass, the skies are quite blue, the leaves are browns and reds and golds (past their prime but still very pretty) and you can see through the tree trunks to see wildlife.  It is my favorite time of the year! is not the best time of the year for resorts. 
Everything is closed.
The golf is closed.
The fishing charters have stopped.
The amusement parks and tourist stops are closed.
The only thing open are gift shops...and only half of them are open.
So we spend our days hiking in the woods and shopping.
It's not a bad vacation-life....but we are starting to feel like we're missing out on quite a bit of the items one should see when in this area.  And we're starting to get bored...

Now to the food.
No wait, the food here is delicious...but I find myself doing waaaaay too much munching!  And not on items I'm happy to be munching! 
Too many carbs.  Too many smaller meals instead of three defined meals.   Not enough protein.
And I feel stuffed. 
We are spending a bit of time in a swimming pool and therefore in swimming suits...and I feel like I LOOK stuffed.

I really have to get back on track and actually lose the 20lbs I KNOW I need to lose.

I have started and restarted and restarted losing these same 20 lbs about a million times.
I am able to start and stick with it for awhile...but I would love suggestions on how to STAY on it past the first five days...

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