Friday, May 22, 2015

Working My Ass Off - literally

First of all, I finally weighed after two weeks of ignoring the scale.  And BOOM, down four pounds!! That puts me at 42 pounds of melted off fat since I restarted my weight loss attempts!  Wahoo!

Second, I have been going to classes at the gym in my office building.  I was terrified at first because I was pre-embarrassed about all the things I assumed I wouldn't be able to do. I was worried about the attention that would be drawn to me because I would be standing there while others did the activity that I wasn't able to do.  I was already dreading the questions and shunning looks from others about the sweat that would be pouring off of my face after barely doing any of the movements.

But I now admit, I was so very wrong with my assumptions.

On Mondays I go to a class called Arms and Abs.  And yes, we work on our arms and our abs.
On Tuesdays I go to 20/20 which is 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength.
On Wednesdays I go to Butts and's all squats and crunches.
Thursdays I usually take the day off.
Fridays I go to Circuit which is where they set up 6-7 stations and you spend about 4 minutes at each station.

I LOVE the classes.  No, I cannot do all the exercises. Yes, I have to ask for alternate movements sometimes.  No, no-one else cares because they're all busy doing their own workouts with sweat pouring off all our faces.  And yes, I hurt after sometimes, but it's a good thing - it's a deserved hurt because I'm working muscles that I sometimes feel I must have never worked before.

I'm having so much fun and I've gotten to know many others at the gym.  So much so that I was chosen as Member of the Month!  I'm flattered and thrilled!  And I get to show off a picture of myself.  I haven't taken a picture since I've lost the 42lbs.  I'm glad I finally had a reason to take a picture because I'm looking FAB-u-lous!

I know you all are looking fabulous too!

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